EXCO analyzes your products, methods, processes and documentation

Analyzing in detail

EXCO is specialized in analyzing complex structures and identifying their characteristics.

We carry out systematic analysis with job-specific tools and methods.

We analyze:
  • materials and products
  • processes and methods
  • dossiers and documentation

Know more. With analysis that delve deeper.

Chemical analysis for medical technology, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry

We examine ingredients and raw materials

As technical services provider EXCO supports the laboratory work of clients in the fields of pharma, medical technology and biotechnology.

We develop effective chemical analytical methods for the characterization and assessment of ingredients and raw materials as regards their purity and reactivity.

We independently carry out laboratory analysis. In addition to this, we also optimize and validate your methods in strict conformity with the guidelines from the medical technology and pharmaceutical environment.

EXCO analysis services accompanying development
  • carrying out of analysis
  • optimizing methods
  • supporting the development of new processes in order to analyze substances
  • documentation
EXCO services as regards retrospective validation of analysis methods
  • validation of all used gas chromatography and spectrometric determination procedures for the analysis of raw materials used in measuring strips
  • creation of documentation accompanying validation including reports
  • carrying out test preparation and analysis