EXCO develops demanding software and system solutions

Customized and high-performance

EXCO develops software and system solutions for production and testing systems, for embedded systems, for information management and for apps.

We also develop measuring methods for your tests and for your suppliers' processes regarding very small electrical currents and voltages, as well as enzyme chemistry. All methods will conform to your and the regulatory quality requirements.

Our software and system solution range of services:
  • Project management
  • Analysis / architecture / design
  • Risk management
  • Software development (development of (part) products, individual solutions, solutions on platform and framework basis, firmware development)

Developing for the pharmaceutical industry

Ask us about risks and side-effects

We can design and realize information management systems in line with the strict regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. It goes without saying that we are also happy to advise you when it comes to selecting suitable technology and architectures. We have experience in the development and introduction of highly-available, distributed systems with a global circle of users. We can support you in the introduction of systems and, if required, then take on second and third level support tasks.

Our information management system range of services:
  • Automatic and manual information collection
  • Rule-based information processing
  • Workflow support
  • Scalable information distribution
  • Support of modern communication techniques
  • Configurable, categorized escalation mechanisms
  • Business intelligence
  • Audit trail