Solutions from one single source

Our core competencies

EXCO brings together a wide range of core areas of expertise under one roof so that you receive comprehensive solutions from one single source. Our employees are able to provide you with professional advice in all our areas of expertise. They realize your projects on a results-oriented and reliable basis.

  • EXCO analyzes your products, methods, processes and documentation.

    We develop effective chemical analytical methods for the characterization and assessment of ingredients and raw materials. We independently carry out laboratory analysis.

  • EXCO carries out supplier audits and prepares companies for regulatory inspections.

    We assess your suppliers and their processes and make sure that they conform to your quality requirements. We are able to prepare you for regulatory inspections by providing mock audits similar to the activities and contents of the official audit.

  • EXCO provides automation solutions for the production environment.

    We automate sensitive production and testing processes. With the key focus on process control engineering and control technology, we offer individual and manufacturer-independent solutions for process automation.

  • We create technical documentation compliant to standards.

    Using specialiszed tools, we document all artfacts required by the method. Consequently, you are able to provide solid proof that defined requirements for products, processes or systems are fulfilled on a reproducible basis.

  • EXCO develops tailor-made and powerful software and system solutions. 

    We develop software and system solutions for production and testing systems, embedded systems, information management and for apps.

  • EXCO develops system solutions for production and testing lines - for devices and components, for small batches all the way through to mass production.

    Our expertise is in electrical, mechanical and optical tests for individual test stations as well as in the integration of the tests in the testing and production lines.

  • EXCO supports your instrumentation and control engineering.

    We are specialists in basic and detail engineering in the fields of process control engineering for our customers in the chemical industries.

  • EXCO is a reliable partner for the GMP-compliant validation of your production and supplier processes as well as for the qualification of your equipment and IT systems.

    We are able to provide documented proof that a process, a procedure, a method or a document reproducibly satisfies the previously specified requirements and is therefore suitable for the specific task.

  • EXCO manages your verification projects and puts your products to the comprehensive test.

    We can complete all of your verification activities. We test your devices for their environmental compatibility and verify the firmware in your embedded systems. According to the specific situation, we can complete automated or manual tests.

  • EXCO brings critical situations onto your screen.

    We visualize complex processes and make the operational testing logic visible on visualization panels. Human-machine interfaces and SCADA systems help to visualize sophisticated processes for monitoring, control and data capture in the process control technology, also with links to databases and higher-level systems.