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Tailor-made project support for product, production process and lab

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Quality assurance, automation and development

As a global technical service provider, EXCO provides quality assurance measures, plans and realises test, manufacturing and production processes and develops software and system solutions.

We support your development activities with innovative solutions and ensure quality standards and deadlines.

This allows you to retain your complete flexibility.


The EXCO Portfolio

MDR / IVDR Compliance

  • Technical Documentation as a Service
  • Pre-Compliance-Test
  • Managed Product Care
  • Managed MDR/IVDR Transfer
  • Supplier Management

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Data Analytics & AI

  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Data Linking for Smart Data
  • Predictive Maintenance

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Process Control & Compliance

  • Main Automation and Validation Vendor (MAV²)
  • Industrial Automation and IT Solutions
  • GxP Compliance Consulting & Validation Services
  • Smart Operations Support Services

Digital Factory

  • Digitalization and Industry 4.0
  • Augmented Digital Operations
  • Autonomous Digital Systems
  • Mobile Data Management

Agile App Development

  • Web, Mobile & Desktop Applications
  • Client/Server, Database and Cloud Solutions
  • Requirements Engineering, UX and Wireframing
  • Full Stack Development
  • DevOps, Agile Development

Automated Inspection Systems

  • Functional Test Stations (ICT, FCT)
  • Inline Test Handlers
  • Optical Inspection Systems (OI)
  • In-System Programming (ISP)
  • Acceptance Test Stations (ATP)

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Scientific Services

  • Laboratory Analytics
  • Development Analytical Methods
  • Qualification & Validation
  • Clinical Trials

Quality Solutions

  • Quality Management Consulting
  • Testing
  • Product Submission
  • Safety & Security
  • CSV

Individual Training Services

  • Certified Trainings
  • GxP Training and Coaching
  • In-House Training
  • Training Management as a Service
  • Webinars and Online Training

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EXCO. The Quality Company. Solutions for Industry and R&D

Quality-focused and result-oriented solutions

We will successfully complete your projects

A selection of projects that have been successfully completed for our B2B clients highlight to you how we work. Take advantage of the experience of our project managers. We will explain our procedures to you using specific project examples. We focus on success and results in all that we do.

So that you can optimize your time, resources and costs.

Transferring Knowledge between Industry Branches

EXCO develops a supplier to confirmity with the medical industry.

Optical sensors for medical devices

EXCO develops a supplier to confirmity with the medical industry. Valid products and production processes have been established.

EXCO develops apps in regulated industries - for production as well as in demos and prototypes

EXCO develops apps for medical devices - validated on request.

EXCO develops apps for medical devices - validated on request.

EXCO Data Analytics: Algorithm development

A medical equipment manufacturer develops a new blood glucose monitor. The measuring procedure must be precise and robust against any errors.

EXCO Data Analytics: Efficient Data Analysis

When developing a new medical device, the client needed support to analyze data.

EXCO Data Analytics: Data Refinement

A client is collecting a wealth of data from various departments (laboratory, production, quality control) for a new product. The client needs support to prepare the data.

Cleaning validation for parenteral nutrition equipment

EXCO ensures that a cleaning system is reliable. To meet highest requirements.

Relocation of laboratories at (bio)medical institutes

In order to ensure the smooth relocation of ten biomedical institutes, EXCO plans and controls preparation and execution of the relocation.

Revalidation of analytical methods

A manufacturer of pharmaceutical products needs a revalidation of analytical methods for the approval of raw materials, after their supplier was changed.

Automation and qualification of an assembly and packaging line

A pharmaceutical manufacturer requests support in order to redesign its production system. Exco supports the commissioning and qualification of an assembly and packaging line.

Cleanroom qualification for cytostatic drug manufacturer

EXCO qualifies the cleanroom and workbenches for a manufacturer of industrially produced, patient specific pharmaceutical infusion solution.

Ensuring conformity of quality documentation and audit preparation

EXCO checks the methods of product release to FDA standards in the analytical laboratory sector. Methods are validated; instruments and appliances are qualified.

Development and validation of an information system for clinical trials

Development and validation of an information management system for suspected cases in clinical trials

Automation of a production system for active ingredients

In close coordination with the site management engineering, EXCO creates the concept for a production systems for active ingredients and takes over the planning of the system automation in collaboration with the system manufacturer.

Development of software for product registration and approval

A client is looking for support in the management of registration and approval procedures for products, which are to be introduced in various regions throughout the world under various conditions.

EXCO is commissioned with the development of software, with which registration procedures can be designed, amended and monitored in a database.

Automation of a test laboratory for highly potent pharmaceuticals

EXCO is to take on the planning of an automation solution, which will control, regulate and visualize the laboratory tests..

Agile software development in rail transport

EXCO develops a data management system used to monitor and survey rail data.

Radiochemical analytics in the controlled area of a nuclear power station

In the course of rebuilding a shut down nuclear power plant the operater seek support: EXCO is assigned to take and analyse liquid samples in the contorll area and conduct a radiochemical analysis. 

Development of a vial filling facility

EXCO is supporting a pharmaceutical company in designing a filling system for vials.

Software development for a modified blood glucose meter

We have created the embedded software for a modified blood glucose meter for our clients. This will increase the quality of life for patients.

Verification of embedded software

EXCO is commissioned with the test design, management and completion for verification of the embedden software of a blood glucose meter.

Development and commissioning of test stations

In order to fulfil highest quality standards in production, EXCO is devloping test stations for blood glucose meters.

Product transfer at a medical equipment plant

EXCO is transferring a medical device production system from Austria to Switzerland and ensuring that country-specific legal and licensing standards are met.

Cleanroom qualification

EXCO supports clients as regards qualifying measures in the clean room. From strategic planning to implementation.

Development of a blood glucose meter

A client has modified the hardware of their blood glucose meter. EXCO is supporting the design of the medical device and developing production and test stations.

Equipment evaluation of a new blood glucose meter

EXCO is commissioned to complete electrical and mechanical tests for the conformity evaluation of a blood glucose meter.

Software development - Web solutions

EXCO is designing the software for a REST-based web service.

New control systems for process control technology

EXCO is a reliable partner for process control engineering.

Reverse documentation of PCT - Securing know-how

EXCO has created the reverse documentation for an existing processing chemical plant.

Development of alternative dosing concepts for the application of reagents

EXCO is developing an alternative dosing concept based on a reagent cartridge with an integrated dispensing unit and linear valve control.

Evaluation and qualification of software for analysis systems

EXCO is evaluating and qualifying software for analyzing systems used in lab diagnosis and clinical chemistry.

Fully automated test stations for blood glucose meters

A client is commissioning EXCO with the design and qualification of a fully automated test station.

Safety testing of IVD, laboratory and medical equipment

EXCO is completing the required electrical measurements of devices together with the mechanical tests to ensure conformity to standards.

Gap analysis for existing product files

Gaps have been identified in the documentation of existing product lines. EXCO is creating a requirements list in order to close the gaps. The subsequent TÜV audit has been successfully passed.

Organization of an FDA audit

EXCO is preparing a customer for a pending FDA audit. EXCO is creating a detailed audit plan based on FDA 21 CFR Part 820 requirements and is completing a mock audit.

Meeting requirements

A client is commissioning EXCO with the qualification of test stations and validation of a product line for a blood glucose meter.

Preparation of an EU Declaration of Conformity for a test station

EXCO is commissioned with testing production safety and drawing up the EU conformity declaration.

Migration of a process control system

EXCO offers customized solutions in order to modernize process control systems used in the processing industry.

UDI Implementation

EXCO is validating and testing the Unique Device Identification Database for a client.

Migration of process control systems at existing facilities

Migration of control systems: EXCO automation specialists are updating an existing control system.

Using biological markers

Biomarkers in point-of-care devices using standardized reaction sequences are verified with a specific method.

System engineering for a pharmaceutical manufacturer

EXCO is supporting pharmaceutical companies in designing and qualifying filling systems in their cleanrooms.

Automation for a beverage producer

EXCO is creating the control software used in a filtration system. In order to ensure purity in beverages.

Modernization of an ultrafiltration plant

EXCO is modernizing a filtratrion system and bringing it up to the state of technology.

Automation and documentation

EXCO is updating the software of a test rig and creating the technical documentation.

Medical Engineering Industry

“From a single source”

As a technical service provider, EXCO develops the software embedded in a medical product as well as the testing stations used in production.
This increases the quality of life for patients as a result.

Biotechnology Industry

“For secure diagnoses”

In point-of-care equipment, biomarkers should be proven with a specific method through standardised reaction procedures. EXCO develops and validates the methods to prove biomarkers with a specific method through standardised reaction procedures.
As a result, illnesses are recognised more quickly.

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“Customised solutions”

An extract of reference projects shows that we provide our solutions to focus on our clients and their results.

This means our customers reach their aim more quickly.

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EXCO White Paper Themenserie: Track and Trace

Serialisierung in der pharmazeutischen Produktion auf Handelspackungsebene

Das Thema Track and Trace ist in vielen Bereichen schon ein alter Hut. Zum Beispiel in der Transportindustrie: Bei fast jedem Transportdienstleister ist ein bestelltes Päckchen sofort via App oder Internetseite verfolgbar, sobald es erfasst wurde, bis zu dem Zeitpunkt, an dem es beim Empfänger an der Tür übergeben wird. So kann man sich als Empfänger auf die Lieferung einstellen.

Was sich dort als bloßer Komfort darstellt, soll aufgrund der Fälschungsrichtlinie 2011/62/EU ab Mitte 2015 in der Pharmabranche unter anderem für Fälschungserschwernis, gläserne Produktverfolgung und Verwechselungssicherheit bei der Abgabe an den Patienten sorgen.

White Paper Serie

EXCO-Ingenieure und Fachspezialisten veröffentlichen regelmässig Wissensdokumente zu verschiedenen Themen aus den unter­schiedlichsten Fachbereichen. Sie erhalten so einen Überblick über komplexe und aktuelle Themenkonstellationen sowie Tipps & Tricks aus der täglichen Arbeitspraxis.